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Numbers ancient

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ancient number system and symbols

4,000 B. C.

Old Arabic


1 to one Million



Urdu Book


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  Rediscovery of Atom









Democritus,  Dalton,   J. J. Thmson,   Neils Bohr,  Rutherford, Newton and Einstein, these all Scientist,  do not know how discovered the Atom. These peoples are not inventor  of Atom or Electrons. All over the World, new  scientists  do  not  know  how  discovered  the  Atom,  These all peoples and new  self made scientist, are not scientists, they all are and were technologist, chemist or simple mathematicians. They all do not know the scientific mathematics. In scientific Mathematics it is necessary that a scientist know the scientific numerations of ten, hundred and thousand. They all are self made scientist do not  know  even scientific numeration of  ten,  " so hundred and thousand is very far away from them." .  But they claim that  they broke the Atom.  Western scientist  told  the  stories of  inside the Atom but do not know  what happened outside  the Atom.  An  Atom mass is  1836 time bigger to electron. Why these scientist do not discover the atom and tell the stories of discovery of electron, Proton and Neutrons ETC.

First of all they tell  how they discovered the Atom. If they  do not know,  how  can  we  believe that they broke  the atom.  How  Arab Scientist  broke the  Atom and divide it into Ten Particles and classifieds the every parts degree wise in Arabic Numerology, See in this site  How Arabs Discovered the Atom " Scientific Mathematics way ".


When Arabs,  Discovered  the  Atom,  They converted   the old Arabic Number System  in  new  Arabic Atomic Numeral System,   They originated  the new Scientific Numeral Geometrical Symbols. All Numeral Symbols have physical body and value  and  polar  value.  Five Numerals ,from one to  five 1---5  have negative Polarity and six to zero 6---0  have positive polarity.  Old Arabic Number System  is very difficult  to write.  For that they converted  the old  Number System into new Arabic   Numeral System.   Number and  Numeral  is  two different types of system. In  number system,  One digit is equal to one,   In math  1 = 1  but in  Numeral system   Ten Digit   equal  to   Number One,   In math   0.10 = 1.   This  is Arabic Numerology  System.  Roman  number  system   like  old  Arabic  number  system. One  digit  is  equal  one "1"   Number 

Roman number writing system is very difficult and  not famous as Arabic Number System.


Before dawn of  Islam,  All Western people were used Roman number system,   After dawn of Islam, Many  many Muslim Merchants went in West.   They  taught    the  Arabic number system  to Western  Merchants.  So that,  Arabic  Numerals Technology reached in West. But today,   College and University Teachers do not know,   The science and Technology of  number  and   numeral  systems and how  the Arab scientist  converted  the ten  numerals into one  number  and what is the reason. All that hidden knowledge read in this Website.



  All over the World  Scientist, Mathematicians, Think Tanks & University Teachers

  You all do not knows answer of these questions, See proofs in Western Scholar's Websites


  My Questions on Internet


  How Arabic Numerals originated?

  Answers:- Arabic numerals   Click & See  Website

  URL: http://arabicnumerals.tripod.com/    Internet Explorer

  By M Erhayiem

   The IBM World Book Encyclopedia raises the question as how the Arabic Numerals originated (!?) as appeare

   in an article contributed by Nadine L. Verderber, Ph.D., Prof. of Mathematics, Southern Illinois Univ. Edwardsville.

  The article states, as such,"Scholars do not know how Arabic numerals originated." 


  In Ancient Time, How discovered the Atom?

  Answers:- Atom Discovery: Click & See  Website

  URL: http://www.theanswerbank.co.uk/History/Question308092.html    Internet Explorer


   Democritus, a Greek philosopher, postulated that if you broke something in half, then in half again, and continued to do

   this ad infinitum, you'd end up with a particle that couldn't be divided any more. He called this particle an atom.  But he

   didn't  discover  the atom, only postulated its existence. That was in 460 B.C.


 Discovery of Black Zero (Atom)

  How Arab Scientific Atomic Numeral Geometrical Symbols Originated? See Below 

  The Science of Arabic Scientific Numeral Geometrical Symbols

  Arabic Atomic Model:- Classification & Division


Wonder of Numerals

How Discovered Atom & How Numeral Symbols Originated!? See Below

The Science of Arabic Numeral Symbols

Arabic Atomic Numeral Geometrical Symbols

Division, Classification, Angles, Polarity and Scientific Structure of Arabic Atomic Numeral Symbols


What is relationship between numeral symbols and Angles? Click & See relationship


What is the relationship between numeral symbols and Angles?

Western Scientist,  Mathematician  &  Thank Tanks do not know,  the angles of zero.  They told the numeral angles one to nine but do not told the angles of zero. Because they didn't understand the zero and zero angles. Numeral angles is subject of physics not simple mathematics.  First in the World, See the Ten angles of  Zero.

Click on Picture and See, What is the relationship between numeral symbols and Angles





  My Question on Internet

  No Response or wrong answers


  What is difference between magnetic Atom and nonmagnetic Atom?

   Don't tell the stories of magnetic materiel's and nonmagnetic materiel's, if you are physicist.

   Very big difference between theory of Atom and theory of matters.

   See exact answer Below.                                            

R U Know?

Magnetic Atom

Classification, Division
  and Counting Numeral Angles, Atoms, Orbital & Polarity
Symbolic Meaning & Comparisons. Ancient Arabic Science (1,000 B. C.).

Particles Values


2 -

3 -



6 +

7 +

8 +

9 +

     0 +   =    010   Ten symbols











  360o   = 1440  Atom










  180o   = 1440 Molecule


Structure of True Type Arabic Numeral Fonts



Discovery of Atom

The Script of Discovery of Black Zero. (Ancient writing System)

Originated the Arabic Atomic Numeral Symbols like that




Analog Atomic

  Numeral Symbols

 Classification 1440o

 Division Ten Particle

Key Board Arabic Numeral Symbols


Arabic symbols Two 2 and three   3 :-   Not use  two 2 & three  3 in Arabic Numerals

     These are Eastern     Two &      There (Persian & Urdu)



Nonmagnetic Atom

Gravitation Lines of Force

Six Surfaces, Eight Energy Level or Eight Angles , Division in 720o- Negative Polarity


Difference Between Magnetic Atom & Nonmagnetic Atom

Magnetic Atom

 The Zero Ten


Nonmagnetic Atom

The Zero Seven


  Division:- Ten Particles

  Angles:- Ten Angles

  Classification:-  1440o Degree

  Sixteen Right Angles Force


  Negative, Positive -/+ equal

  or No Polar Value


  Magnetic Line Force

  Vertical attraction force 90o, 180o

  Horizontal:- 100o

  Names In Scientific


  and in Technology

  Black & white Zero

  Positive Zero:- Value 0.1 (Numeral).

  System Zero,  Zero Ten,

  Trigger Zero, Drifting zero (mechanical)

  Magnitude Value, 0.10 or 1.0






Six Surfaces

Ten Particles





 Division:-  Eight particles

  Angles:- Eight Angles 

  Classification:- 720o Degree

  Eight Right Angles Force

  Polarity:- Negative,  -


  Gravity Line Force

  Vertical attraction force 100o

  Horizontal:- 360o

  Names In Scientific

  Mathematics and in


  Zero Seven, Numeral Zero Seven

  Numeral Seven

  Magnitude Value, 0.1

  in number system value:- 7.0 







Six Surfaces

Eight Particles





  Wonder of Numerals


  See my site very carefully, and use your own brain. Don't  believe on Western Scientist, Mathematicians & Think Tanks.

  They do not know, How discovered the Atom and theory of  number and numeral system. Because they taught

  the mathematics (use of zero) by Arab Merchants, not to Arab scientists, after down of Islam.


 The Science and Technology of Numeral Symbols

  The IBM World Book Encyclopedia raises the question as how the Arabic Numerals originated (!?)

  Western Mathematicians, Think Tanks & Scholars do not know "how Arabic numerals originated".

  How Arabic, Roman, Sanskrit (Hindu), Chinese and Western (English) Numeral Symbols Originated.

  See answer in my Website and My Video.


  Discovery of Molecules and Atom

  How Discovered the Atom and Molecules?

  He brooked the Atom one by one to Crystal of eleven atoms.

  When he reached the last linear molecule of two atomic bond.

  He brooked the one Atom and he found an Atom. How he brooked the Atom   See Picture: 1     Picture: 2





Arabic Atomic Models

Scientific Numeration of Ten and Hundred & Numeral s

Rediscovery of Atom and Molecules

Click on Picture and See big Picture


Discovery of Electrons

Numeration of Hundred

Discovery of Atom

Numeration of Ten

Atomic Scientific Mathematics

Formula " Q " Arabic

Difference between

Science & Technology

Arabic Analog Numeral Symbol and Angles


Bond of eleven Atoms


Atom & Linear line Molecules




3 & 4 Surface Molecule


6,8 &12 Surface Molecule




14 & 16 Surface Molecule


2 Structure of Ones (number)













  Explanation of analog and digital Atom structure

  Ancient time the Arab physicist introduced the two Atomic models, one is digital "square cubic" and second is analog

  spherical shape". Classification and Division are same. Nucleus surface has ninety-eight electron and the value of attraction

  force is one. This is the scientific numeration of hundred. Digital Atom structure help the understanding the spherical Atom

  structure. Because the spherical Atom structure is very difficult for understanding and digital structure is very easy and

  everyone understand it. See analog and digital atom structure below manual or on  http://youtube.com/munawarbutt100

  See Greek idea about Matter in Digital Atom Structure.

The Science & Technology of Zero (Atom).

  Analog Atom Structure   ( 1,000 B. C )

Roman Number System     one to one Trillion

  Digital Atom Structure     ( 1,000 B. C )

   Six World Masters Numeral Symbols & Systems

  0science     Ancient & Modern Science & number technology

  Counting Number Angles, Orbital and Atoms

  0angles        Relation between numeral & angles

  Sanskrit   English     Hindu Arabic Number System

  0zeros         Zero is Hero  Four acts of Zeros in Numerology

  Sanskrit   Urdu       Hindu Arabic Number System

  Dalton and Old System of Chemical Philosophy of matter

  Script Writing System "Ancient"


  Question: How discovered the Atom?                 

  Answer: Click on Green Hyperlink & See the basic idea of  "The Discovery of Atom".     


  Question:- What is the exact difference between Science and Technology?                                  

  Answer: Very big difference between Science and technology system: Click on Difference Show


My Video


How Scientific Numeral Geometrical Symbols Originated?

Click on Picture and see Video in CD

Sanskrit Numerals

Arabic Numerals

a1.gif (59315 bytes)

a002.gif (77145 bytes)

Numeral Angles

Roman Numerals

Chinese Numerals

English Numerals

Sanskrit or Arabic

Arabic Numerals

Molecule Numerals


Analog Atom

Digital Atom

Prectical14.gif (85376 bytes)

new_atom_slides8.gif (56007 bytes)


Symbolic Meaning and Comparisons

How Arabic, Roman, Sanskrit (Hindu), Chinese and Western (English) Numeral Symbols Originated?

See in Videos, Very easy to understand. Ancient time how the symbol of numerals were originated,     

That time, the technologist do not have alphabets, They wrote the script in ancient time writing system.



  -: Note :-

  Zero nothing not a number, numeral or digit. In Arabic numerology, this is singe of nothingness or

  a math tool like +  -  x  %  =  /   ETC

  Zero is an Actor  it has four  acts in Arabic numerology. See four acts of Zero in Zero is Hero

  Arab Physicist counted the angles, atom and orbital in his numerology. He do not counted the Sheep in his

  numeration. Numerals has Polarity but numbers do not has polarity, because number system do not has limit.


Atomic Numeral Symbols & System

Number Symbols & system

Converting numerals in number system

 - -  -  - -  + + + + +

1 2 3 4 5  6 7 8 9 0

   0 1 2 3 4 5  6 7 8 9 0 = 0

      0 = 1.0 Converting numerals in number one: 1

           ( Mathematics 0.10 = 1.0 ).

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0  Number Symbols 

Ancient Sheep or Modern Telephonic Number System

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 00

this system do not has mathematics  

   0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  Scientific Mathematics number system

   necessary to tell about number ten.  Number ten made by one 

   picture or with two pictures. First big bundle of number system

Zero in Simple Math

Why western mathematicians says that Zero is Indian number, what they has proof?

Zero not a number, numeral or digit in number system. It has no physical body. This is

Arabic code of nothingness and math tool like - + % / . ETC. What is in brackets (  ) can you discover it?

Discovery of math Zero is false History, anybody do not discover it.



True World Scientific mathematics History


    What is difference in Arab Scientist and Western Scientists?

    The Arab Scientist Discovered the " Zero "  and Educates the peoples of  all over the World

    and  taught  the modern  reading and writing system  and  the science of  God  to  the World.

   Western himself  Scientists ( They were chemists )  not discovered  the Atom but  they Claim

    that  they  broke  the Atom.   They do not understand   " The Discovery of Atom  or  Zero ".

    They converted the Arabic Science to his names,   but  do not understand Arabic Numerical

    Science. Arabic Numerical Symbols have World History, and nobody refuse it in the World.

    This is my Challenge. If anybody has objection. Feel free and Contact with me.







Zero Ten

or Zero Level

Ten Angles

Ten Atoms

Ten Orbital

   Ten Surfaces

 Ten Shapes

of Matter

Ten Numeral


See More Detail

Click On

See More Detail

Arabic Digital 

Numeral Symbols

Zero Ten


0 - 1 = 9


9 - 1 = 8


8 - 1 = 7


7 - 1 = 6


6 - 1 = 5


5 - 1 = 4


4 - 1 = 3


3 - 1 = 2


2 - 1 = 1


1 - 1 = 0



 Symbols = 10

 In Numeral


 11 Symbols

 Add One

 Symbol for




































































Explanation of Numeral Six










  Numerical Science Researcher
  Munawar Butt



  Email:  munawarbutt@ymail.com      

  Mobile: 0312-2497768 Karachi ( Pakistan )

  URL:   http://numerals.0catch.com/





You can not found this hidden

knowledge in any book, library,

Encyclopedia or on internet.








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